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Image by Alexandra Gorn

Clean smart, not hard.

Make the smart choice of having your space serviced.

CleanSource is the smart choice for your residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning needs. We are home to highly skilled and professional individuals in the cleaning industry. We make sure that our cleaners had gone thorough screening and intensive training. We want our customers to be at peace knowing that their homes, offices, and other valuable spaces are in safe hands.

Most importantly, we know that time is of the essence so you can trust us that we will value your time. With our agile workforce, we are the experts in keeping up with your fast-paced lifestyle without compensating the quality of our work. We are equally happy knowing that you spend your time with the people and things that you love.

General Cleaning

Our professional general cleaning service is perfect for busy working professionals who strive to achieve balance and keep up with their daily routine. Tick the task off your to-do list today!

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning will help your carpet return to its best possible condition. Worry no more over trapped dirt and visible stains!

Deep Cleaning

Regular cleaning is not always enough as some areas and surfaces are often missed and forgotten. Get your space cleaned more effectively and efficiently with this ultimate cleaning procedure.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Have confidence knowing that your meals are made from a safe environment. Prevent the spread of food born illnesses and risk of pests by booking our deep kitchen cleaning.

Aircon Cleaning

Aircon is leaking or is not cooling enough? You may have a dirty, clogged air condenser. Get it cleaned by professionals today before it gets worse!

Steam Sterilization

Upgrade your cleaning routine with our steam sterilization process. Zero chemical, 99% germs killed using an all-powerful steam technology operated by our professional cleaners.

Upholstery Cleaning

Do not wait for couch and mattress stains to settle in! Have it thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible through our upholstery cleaning service. 

Sanitation & Disinfection

Complete your cleaning routine with our anti-bacterial misting and high-level fogging treatment that rapidly kill bacteria and viruses on every surface.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Put the finish touch on your newly built or renovated property. A post-construction cleaning makes it not only safe, but cost-efficient as well.

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