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Your Guide in Getting Professional Cleaning Services in Metro Manila | CleanSource Philippines

After contemplating, you’ve finally decided to leave the cleaning to professional hands. But now you’re facing another dilemma, which professional cleaning service should you get?

We know that it can be quite tricky as there are a lot of cleaning companies out there. Don’t worry because here are some tips on choosing the best cleaning service for your requirements:

1. Check their services through their social media accounts or website. Not all cleaning companies are created equal. Have a quick checking of their profile to see if they offer the service you need. Say, some providers offer home or office cleaning but not disinfection or misting services.

2. Read reviews and look for previous projects. Customers can easily share their feedback online so it won’t be that difficult to check on this.

3. Directly inquire to them. It won’t do you any harm to be extra cautious. Apart from their cleaning services, you can also ask for service areas, permits, how they source their cleaners and more. Professional cleaning providers should understand that their clients are looking for reliable cleaning partners that they can trust on the long term.

4. Ask what products and tools they use. If you are particular in this matter, you can definitely inquire about the products they use. Is it non-toxic? Safe for kids and pets?

5. Don’t be shy. Request for an estimate. This is a deal-breaker for some. As soon as you’ve provided your requirements, ask for a free estimate and check their pricing to see if it fits your budget.

Here at CleanSource Solutions, we aim to be your one-stop shop for all your cleaning needs. We offer home, condo and office cleaning as well as disinfection services, laundry and ironing concierge. We are a registered company and is comprised of highly-skilled individuals thoroughly selected for the safety of our clientele. We only use the best products and equipment to make sure that we will take care not only our customers and their properties, but of our cleaners as well.

If you are in need of any cleaning service for residential and commercial spaces, feel free to request for a no obligation quotation from us.

Send your inquiries at or fill out the form here.




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