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The Importance of Getting an Air Conditioner Service Regularly

Do not be one of those homeowners who wait until their AC unit begins to make odd noises or struggle with technical problems before calling for an air conditioning service. Even when it seems to be in its top condition, it has been proven that it can lose around 5% of its efficiency yearly.

Are you thinking about the pricey service fees? The reduced electricity bill and eliminated repair costs can quickly recover those service fees. Regularly servicing your air conditioning unit will do an excellent job at cooling your home.

Continue reading to know the importance of getting an air conditioner service regularly.

1. Energy Efficiency and Better Indoor Air Quality

It is unavoidable for your unit to lose efficiency over time. However, you can recover some of its lost efficiency from the first time you bought it through regular aircon servicing, and you can expect optimum results every time you use your AC unit. With its better energy efficiency, expect to have reduced running costs on electricity and minor repairs.

Apart from energy efficiency, an essential part of your home's comfort is the air quality. A dirty air filter will fill your home with pollutants and allergens that can eventually bring in sickness. Air conditioning maintenance will keep your indoor air quality clean. Depending on your unit, air filters should be replaced or cleaned every month to every three months.

2. Lessen the chances of an expensive and major breakdown

Keep in mind that malfunctions and breakdowns may happen even at the most inconvenient times. The longer you delay aircon servicing for your unit, the more likely it is likely to have a significant and costly breakdown, and you'd want to avoid getting in such a situation.

3. Lengthen the unit's lifespan

An AC unit typically has a conventional lifespan of about 15 to 20 years, but with it comes regular maintenance. During the service, your unit can be checked and assessed. Meaning, you can get some parts changed (e.g., filters) whenever needed.

Suppose an air conditioner is not consistently maintained. In that case, it will begin to break down, as your unit will exhaust itself in attempting to compensate for the issues it's dealing with. Regular maintenance will be able to detect problems before they cause any lasting damage.

4. Increased comfort

Purchasing air conditioners provides comfort, and having a well-serviced unit will give you exactly that.

When an air conditioning unit is maintained regularly, it would not just save you money and operate at its optimum level; it will also help your home be more comfortable. So, don't delay your home air conditioner maintenance.

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