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7 Simple Steps on How to Clean Your Walls and Ceilings

Walls and ceilings are commonly overlooked or even ignored. Since these areas are not cleaned regularly, they can collect dust, mold spores, pet hair, spillage, and other debris that can make those living in your home fall sick frequently. Apart from health reasons, keeping them clean is essential in keeping your home fresh and tidy.

Here are 7 simple steps from the home-cleaning experts how to clean them properly:

Step 1: Get ready by moving items against the walls and covering all the rooms from floors to upholstery with plastic sheets/newspaper/bedsheets.

Step 2: Then, begin dusting the ceilings and find your way down, cleaning the wall. Make use of a broom to remove cobwebs and a microfiber duster to wipe down every area clean.

Step 3: Professional cleaners advise to spot-clean the walls first. Find a discreet area for testing to know if the ceiling and wall paint is washable.

Step 4: For spot cleaning, various methods can help remove different types of marks. Here are some tips for cleaning common ones:

  • Use a wet microfiber cloth and soak with a little baking soda to clean almost any kind of stains, abrasion marks, crayon lines, etc.

  • For greasy spots, use rock salt over a brush to scrub them off. Take a sponge dipped in water and soap solution to clean persistent areas.

  • In cleaning grouts, create a paste of water and baking soda. Then, apply the paste between the lines for 15-20 minutes. Get a toothbrush to scrub the dirt and wipe the scum with a microfiber cloth.

Step 5: Following spot cleaning, wash the ceiling and walls with a soap and water solution or, if available, a no-rinse wall cleaner. Plunge a hand-held or sponges with handles in the solution and squeeze out the access to avoid drippings.

Step 6: Next, dip a clean sponge in water and clean it again, followed by wiping the walls or ceilings with a microfiber mop.

Step 7: After the walls and ceilings are clean, remove dust from the baseboard with a broom. Wipe with a wet cloth, then dry fabric. Repeat until they are clean with no spots.

Cleaning walls and ceilings are best done on spring cleaning or during regular deep cleans. Save more time and a lot of energy by hiring professional cleaners, such as CleanSource Solutions Philippines, that would go through all the hassle of cleaning your home for you.

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