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post-construction CLEANING SERVICES

Is your house or building newly built? Are you moving in or out of your office or house? You may want to hire a trusted post-construction cleaners so no trace of construction or previous occupant will be left behind.


We can mobilize over 10 cleaners to handle post-construction cleaning services. We can do air duct cleaning, gutter cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, floor buffing and more. CleanSource accepts cleaning services newly built homes, offices and establishments.


Our high-end vacuum cleaner will  suck the dirt out of every nook and cranny of your space. Couple it with our experienced staff, you can ensure that your place will be as spotless as possible.


We will wipe the dust and dirt that remained after the construction to prepare your newly built space for occupancy.


Before you move in to your new office or home, let the CleanSource team transform it to a spotless living space. We will polish your counter tops and lighting fixtures.


Worried about the grime left on your furniture? Be at peace as we will wipe the dirt on your cabinets, drawers & shelves.

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