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Beer Maker in Brewery

Ideal for factories

A good business knows the value of money, but more so of time, health, and safety. Provide a safe working environment by hiring a professional cleaning company that you can truly rely on.

Regardless of the industry you are in, rest assured that CleanSource will help you reach or maintain high cleanliness standards.

Inventory Checking

Ideal for warehouses

Boost productivity within the workplace by ensuring that your rooms for storage are clean and clutter-free. This will make it easier for your workers to quickly find supplies and equipment for inventory. Whether it be a self-storage, distribution center, on-demand storage, or a pick, pack, and ship one, we got you!

Steam Sterilization

Upgrade your cleaning routine with our steam sterilization process. Zero chemical, 99% germs killed using an all-powerful steam technology operated by our professional cleaners.

Aircon Cleaning

Some factories and warehouses are air conditioned when it handles special goods such as food and electronic products. A clean, operational aircon units are necessary to protect or preserve such items at a specific temperature. Let our professional aircon technicians help you achieve efficiency for better air quality.

Deep Cleaning

Ensure that your factories and warehouses are keeping up with specific cleaning standard practices and regulations. Secure everyone's safety by booking a more thorough type of cleaning that will prevent dust from reaching hazardous levels that may put you, your employees, and your customers at risk.

General Cleaning

Not all times a small storage room seems a disaster, so if you only need basic cleaning for your items or supplies, then this is the right service for you. With our quality general cleaning, we will keep things clean and in order!

Post-Construction Cleaning

Save a lot of time with our efficient and effective cleaning services as we make your newly built or renovated place a better space for all. We can mobilize a specific number of cleaners that will fit your budget as well as your post-construction cleaning needs.

Sanitation & Disinfection

Double the protection within your workplace by adding sanitation and disinfection to your cleaning routine. Consumer goods must be thoroughly cleaned and well-disinfected for health and safety of both production workers and consumers.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Cleanliness is always part of quality checking. Before food is sold, transported, and served for public consumption, staff must ensure that it is safe and sanitary. Of course, it is also important for chefs and cooks to work at a hygienic kitchen space and do their craft.



Post-Construction Cleaning + FREE Disinfection (Anti-Bacterial Misting + High-Level Fogging Treatment) + Steam Sterilization

Perfect for newly constructed, empty spaces such as homes, condo, office, retail store, restaurant, classroom, theater, and more.




Deep Cleaning + FREE Disinfection (Anti-Bacterial Misting and High-Level Fogging Treatment) + Upholstery Cleaning + Steam Sterilization

Perfect for regular and busy spaces such as home, condo, office, retail store or outlet, restaurant, classroom, theater, and more. Also applicable for move-in/move-out situations and newly turned over units.


General Cleaning FREE Disinfection (Anti-Bacterial Misting and High-Level Fogging Treatment) + Aircon Cleaning

Perfect for maintenance of regular spaces such as home, condo, office, retail store or outlet, and more.

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