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At the Office

Ideal for offices

Booked and busy? We know how it is for professionals like you in the corporate world. This is why our polite and friendly cleaners are just one call away to keep your workspace a safe environment. Do not let those dusty chairs, untidy desks, and filthy floors and toilets keep your employees distracted. A clean office space helps everyone work better, not harder.

Woman in Clothing Store

Ideal for retail stores

Whether your company sells a product or service, a professional cleanup will always be necessary. How clients or customers see and feel about your physical store says a lot about your brand, hence it should be at its best. 

Outdoor Restaurant Seats

Ideal for restaurants

Some restaurants may already have in-house cleaners, but it is still different from a professional cleaning service provider that take pride in quality. We cater to various types of restaurants including but not limited to fine dining, casual dining, fast foods, pubs, cafes and more.

Hotel Restaurant

Ideal for real estate

First impression lasts, so make it count. Do not let imperfections ruin the perfect opportunity. As professionals, it is just right to trust another professional when it comes to business. Our cleaners here at CleanSource are skilled, equipped, and reliable. From homes to condos to commercial buildings, we make all those ready for show and sale!

Residential Apartment Building

Steam Sterilization

Upgrade your cleaning routine with our steam sterilization process. Zero chemical, 99% germs killed using an all-powerful steam technology operated by our professional cleaners.

Upholstery Cleaning

Make your customers feel at home when they visit your business location. Perhaps a clean couch or sofa is what they need while getting your service or taking a rest from shopping. Don't let dirt, dust, stains, and discolorations on your upholstered furniture turn them off!

Sanitation & Disinfection

Business locations with public access are more prone to viruses than a regular or private studio. Considering the number of daily visits, everyone is at risk. This is why a regular sanitation and disinfection should be a top priority to protect your customers and those who put trust in your company.

Deep Cleaning

Who doesn't love a good deep cleaning once in a while? More thorough, more precise, plus our intensively trained cleaners use the appropriate cleaning tools, equipment, and machines to ensure your cleaning requirements are 100% fulfilled.

Carpet Cleaning

A carpet in your studio or office accumulates dust over time. Don't wait for the hassle it may cause to you and your employees and keep productivity going.

General Cleaning

How you care for your space reflects on how you care for your business. Keeping it regularly neat and clean leaves a good impression on customers and helps establish positive brand image.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Professional cleaning is a must every after construction and renovation to completely remove dirt, dust, and marks of debris. In no time, CleanSource will make your commercial space clean and ready for business!

Aircon Cleaning

Deny it or not, customers -probably even you - prefer to shop or get services done at air conditioned establishments. Make sure that your air conditioning unit is in its best condition (no pun intended). We also offer aircon checkup and freon charging!

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Customers value cleanliness and often times, decide based on it especially at places where food is served. Cleaning the kitchen even when it is out of guests' sight is a sign of professionalism, honesty, and respect.

Car Cleaning

Don't compromise health over convenience. Boost your vehicle's protection from germs and viruses for stress-free and safer driving.



Post-Construction Cleaning + FREE Disinfection (Anti-Bacterial Misting + High-Level Fogging Treatment) + Steam Sterilization

Perfect for newly constructed, empty spaces such as homes, condo, office, retail store, restaurant, classroom, theater, and more.




Deep Cleaning + FREE Disinfection (Anti-Bacterial Misting and High-Level Fogging Treatment) + Upholstery Cleaning + Steam Sterilization

Perfect for regular and busy spaces such as home, condo, office, retail store or outlet, restaurant, classroom, theater, and more. Also applicable for move-in/move-out situations and newly turned over units.


General Cleaning FREE Disinfection (Anti-Bacterial Misting and High-Level Fogging Treatment) + Aircon Cleaning

Perfect for maintenance of regular spaces such as home, condo, office, retail store or outlet, and more.

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